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ATK® was born in FIORANO MODENESE (MODENA, ITALY), a highly technological industrial district, in the middle of the Italian Motor Valley, where innovation and high quality mechanical components are engineered, developed, manufactured and exported  all around the world.

ATK® was founded by Indulti family, the direct owner of OFFICINA GIMEC GROUP specialized in high precision mechanical products for over 20 years. This entity provided  the necessary financial resources, technology and logistics to start-up  the ATK® new adventure.

It was a very fast growing: within two years (2008), ATK RACE® became the Ski Mountaineering World Champion with DENNIS BROUND and MANFRED REICHEGGER.


Actually ATK® is one of the leading companies in the World in the production of materials for ski mountaineering, challenging every day to bring to the world market the right products at the right moment, bringing on exclusive technical evolutions in a very short time including several internationally extended patents.



Research, innovation and service are the keys that have opened the door to success for ATK RACE®, which has been able to offer the market the right products at the right time, generating hundreds of technical developments in a very short time, as well as dozens of patents many extended globally, always and always oriented to the pursuit of perfection of performance and extreme lightness, the essence of modern ski mountaineering.



Starting from the high performance standards and quality required in the world of competions, ATK RACE® decided in recent years to extend its target market and to address its products to the wider world of modern ski touring and free-ride in order to increase, season by season,  the satisfaction of more and more end-users.

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